About Us

Established in 2001, we are a small, family run Australia-based business operating out of Tokyo that specializes in organizing low-impact, small-group, adventurous and "out of the way" trips for clients in Japan, Australia, China, Laos, Canada, Korea, Mongolia, Wales and Scotland. We operate group and individual Kyoto tours for other operators in Japan as well as take private bookings for groups and individuals.


Hiro, Expert Guide of Kyoto Urban Adventures




Hiro was born in Tokyo and spent his childhood days in Moscow. Now he is in love with Kyoto, busy learning about the area as well as trying new Kyoto ramen. He is active and looks quite young, though no one knows his real age...









Tatsuya is a vagabond samurai on a bike. He seems so quiet and gentle with a smile on his face, but we all know he is hiding great passion under the surface. Tatsuya is super talented at waking up early.










Erika grew up bouncing between Asia and the US; she is the youngest on our team, although she might be the most experienced traveller. Erika loves to be with people like Chihuahua, and she's great at finding tasty local restaurants because she can smell them out!









Yuka grew up mainly in Shizuoka, but also at times in the US. After working as a trade company employee in Shinjuku, bars and restaurants area in Tokyo, for 3 years, Yuka knows all the little alleys in Shinjuku. She loves beer and trekking, but still can't get away from gossiping and nail arts.











Kay was born and raised in Japan through university then lived in US for five years. After working as a Japanese teacher at a public school in Oregon, she moved back to Japan and started a new career as a tour leader. She travels to take pictures from various cities/countries with her Nikon D2x, and she loves motorcycling and billiards as well. Her favorite Japanese foods are 1. Yakiniku (BBQ meat on the grill), 2. Sushi (esp. fatty tuna and gyu-aburi!) and 3. Ramen (Tonkotsu broth)! She likes to have her jumping pictures in places :-)


Taiyo was born on a little island in Nagasaki called Ojika. He moved to the US after graduating high school and worked as pro baseball player. Taiyo loves dancing, partying and his baby boy.